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The Power of Dual-Fuel Diesel Engines – ASME

2  · The abundant reserves of gas in the U.S. are also making companies think more about dual-fuel engines as a long-term solution. Natural gas/diesel dual-fuel engines offer a path toward meeting current and future emissions standards with lower fuel cost.

Effect of equivalence ratio on combustion and …

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Dual Fuel Natural Gas/Diesel Engines: Technology

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Dual Fuel Engines for Drilling | Cummins Inc.

Near the end of the compression stroke, diesel fuel is injected and ignites, causing the natural gas to burn. A dual fuel engine can operate on 100 percent diesel fuel or the substitution mixture of diesel and natural gas, delivering the same power density, torque curve and transient response as the base diesel engine. Benefits of Dual Fuel Engines

A review on natural gas/diesel dual fuel combustion

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Dual-Fuel™ technology, Clean Air Power

In a Dual-Fuel™ engine, however, the diesel fuel injector works like a liquid spark plug. Highly pressurized, it ignites a mixture of compressed gas and air in the cylinder, with natural gas comprising as much as 90 percent of the overall fuel mix (for more see link here to Dual-Fuel Vs Spark Ignition).

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