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If the silica enters the boiler water, the usual corrective action is to increase boiler blowdown, to decrease it to acceptable levels and then to correct the condition that caused the silica contamination. For further information check our web page about silica scaling in boilers.

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Silica, in amounts ranging from less than 1 to over 100 ppm, is found in all natural water supplies.In rain hail and snow, silica content range from 1 to 2.8 ppm. In the analyses of various surface and ground waters, silica content range from 1 to 107 ppm.This refers to soluble silica content and not to the silica that may be present in the suspended matter.

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2019-6-11 · High-pressure boilers usually have areas of high heat flux and feedwater, composed of demineralized makeup water and a high percentage of condensate returns. Because of these conditions, high-pressure boilers are prone to caustic attack. Low-pressure boilers that use demineralized water and condensate as feedwater are also susceptible to

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2019-6-13 · Therefore, silica preferentially deposits in the intermediate-pressure and low-pressure sections of the turbine where the specific volume of the steam varies from approximately 1 to 10 ft 3 /lb. Solubility data shown in Figure 18-5 helps to explain the distribution of silica deposits in the turbine. Localized Silica Saturation.

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2019-4-17 · The following are specified limit for high pressure boiler from different organization:- ASME Guidelines for Water Quality in Modern Industrial Water Tube Boilers for Reliable Continuous Operation:-Boiler Feed Water Boiler Water Drum Pressure (psi) Iron (ppm Fe) Copper (ppm Cu) Total Hardness (ppm CaCO3) Silica (ppm SiO 2) Total Alkalinity**

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•Silica –normal saturated steam should be < 20 ppb in most boilers. High pH in the boiler water will reduce silica carryover from the boiler water. Monitor the steam because: •Precipitation of silica forms silicate deposits on the cold end of the turbine that are not water soluble and are very difficult to remove. The deposits may cause

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2018-5-9 · Silica build-up is monitored inside the boiler drum. The silica concentration is distributed between the water and vapour phases in a boiler. As the temperature and pressure are increased, more silica becomes present in the steam. In high pressure boilers, therefore, silica is appreciably concentrated in the steam and this is when

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2012-12-2 · type boilers confirmed that the 0.02 ppm figure is a valid and realistic maximum limit. Figure 2 High ratios of hydroxide alkalinity to silica in the boiler water reduce the ratio of silica Figure 5 — Silica in steam vs boiler pressure for pH = 11.3. ENHANCING CUSTOMER

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2019-4-17 · Silica is a problem for high pressure boil-ers. It exhibits enough volatility that high pressure boilers will have silica carry over to the vapor partition. When the steam pressure is reduced in the tur-bines, the silica will precipitate on the blades as a glassy …

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